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Anyone know who these two are? I’d like to see the full video

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Another vid of that last hottie

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When I go to the gym

When I go to the gym

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Reblog if you like to taste hot ass.


Reblog if you like to taste hot ass.


jonsnowknowsnothin’s SUPER SHINY HOENN GIVEAWAY!!

to celebrate the upcoming release of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, all these generation 3 pokemon are up for grabs!
for starters, there will be SEVENTEEN WINNERS! each of these winners will get THREE pokemon each!! (first place will choose first, second place choosing second and so on)
and that is just to start of with.. for every 500 notes this post gets I will add another winner and another three pokemon! (Upto 2500 notes!)
  • only reblogs count as entries! likes don’t count. (you can reblog as much as you like, but please don’t spam your followers!) you can like it to remind you to reblog later, or so you know you have reblogged it! (it just wont be an entry)
  • you do not need to follow me to win! (but if you do i will give you an extra entry as a thankyou!)
  • you must be happy to exchange friend codes with me, have a copy of pokemon x or y, and access to wi-fi to receive your prizes
  • you need to have an open ask box! if i cannot contact you on tumblr, then you forfeit your winnings, and another winner will be chosen to fill your spot.
  • winners will be chosen via a random number generator, and given 24 hours to respond before another winner is chosen!

if you have any questions please don’t be afraid to send me an ask, I am happy to answer!!


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